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Address: Burdwan

Area: 13825 sq.ft.

Ground floor: 4160 sq.ft

Typ. floor:  4475 sq.ft.

Building height: 10.6 m


Darpan is social initiative dream project of Burdwan Foodies Club and team Blue archio is really proud to be part of this social cause.


Environmental friendly house design. The home designed with peace, tranquil

and pollution free surroundings with all the basic amenities required for the

comfortable stay.

Basic U Shaped Plan. Basic Symmetry. We have tried to balance both the

masses Equally , Visually And Functionally. Services in the one side and

residences block are other sides. There are plenty no’s of room in this home.

We have designed a flexible inner courtyard, That can act in different ways, During any occasion this space can turned into a performing space.

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